Last time we talked to one of the Danish additions, Lars ‘PrimeTurbo’ Korreborg, and today we’re going to cross the Öresund to talk to the next one. Just like Denmark, Sweden as well has two players joining the massive event next week in Paris, where ESWC again this year has FIFA on the schedule. Ivan ‘BorasLegend’ Lapanje and Lukas ‘Lukasinho’ Gummesson both qualified for this tournament and the two highest ranked players on the Swedish leaderboard are both expected to do well in this tournament, since they were placed in the first and second layer, respectively.

Today’s focus is on Lukasinho, who was also a participant in this tournament last year without performing massively, since a 6th place went on to become the end of the tournament for this talented Swede, who has shown good sign, e.g. at IFL. This year he has a group from which he is expected to advance from, and he is also ready for Paris, where his expectations as a minimum is to advance from the group stages.

“Hi Lukas. First and foremost, congratulations on your qualification for the ESWC. What are your expectations for your performances in Paris?”

“I at least expect to do better than last year, because it really was a big hit for me. It is always decided down to the single games, and I always go for the wins. I am no worse than the others. How long this will bring me, is to be seen.”

“This year you landed in group C, where ‘Ovvy’ amongst others is placed. How do you see your chances of advancing form this group?”

“It’s tricky, since I don’t have the best knowledge of many of the opponents. I knocked Ovvy out in IFL, and I should definitely have good chances of advancing.”

“Who do you see as the absolute favourite of winning the title as ESWC?”

“That is a really tough question. No one is superior to the others, but the most likely ones in my eyes are BorasLegend, Agge, Vinch or I.”

“And with you mentioning Agge: How do you see the chances of the two Danes performing well against the others?”

“The Danes have some great odds. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about PrimeTurbo, but Agge is a player, who definitely will perform.”

“You also participated last year, where the adventure unfortunately was brought to a halt with your 6th place in the group. Can you describe your experience down there and how it was to be among the best players in the world?”

“I was a bit naïve. A lot of players from around the world play differently from what I’m used to. I didn’t perform very well during the tournament, but I was very unlucky. The fact that I am among the best in the world have been taken a bit for granted on my part lately, but it’s always great going into a tournament, where you’re playing to become world champion.”

How it’s going to go Lukasinho this year will for sure be exciting. will under any circumstances keep you updated when the show kicks off next week in Paris, where CULT Cola, and has made it possible for us to be at the event, when it all breaks loose. We wish our Swedish friend good luck.


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